PABX Phone Systems: How Can Your Business Benefit from It?

PABX phone system

Budget friendly and feature rich business phone systems are ideal for small businesses that need systems to grow with it. PABX call management system comes with all the features your business needs to manage it calls in time without paying through the nose. They can also make your business appear bigger than it actually is and assist your callers through creation of multiple extensions.

So what is a PABX phone system?

A PABX phone system is an office phone system designed for managing the calls within the organization. With the PABX business phone system, incoming calls to your organization are greeted by an automated professional attendant and can choose from a menu list for transfer to the right attendant or department. A PABX system also allows the business to manage a higher volume of phone calls without the need to hire additional staff to attend to incoming calls.

For decades, PABX call management software has been a part of businesses. Originally, these systems were used for managing both incoming and outgoing calls. Ideally, PABX systems were made up of a console alongside the installed technology. These days, however, PABX phone systems come with more sophisticated programming and technology that allows them to support more business enhancing features.

PABX phone systems are highly customizable and cost-effective options for businesses since they make it possible to handle and control all incoming calls through a single system. Modern PABX phone systems do not require any hardware installation and only utilize software to direct incoming calls to the direct departments and individuals within the organization.

How modern PABX phone system works

PABX system is so efficient your caller will barely notice the actual system your business is utilizing. The system provides incoming callers with a customized greeting along with a list of options to select from. Callers can thus reach your team members or departments with the help of a menu listing or by dialing an extension name.

When a caller chooses an option from the list or dials by name or extension, the system will automatically connect them to the right department or individual. Incoming as well as outgoing calls can be easily transferred to team members wherever they are, including the main office, branch, as well as home office. The system also enables calls to be captured by a voicemail when the intended recipient is not available. The system can be set to direct voicemails to text or emails to ensure that your team receives voice mails while out in the field.

Faxes too can be converted to email messages and forwarded to the intended recipients. There is also a screening feature that allows team members to concentrate on their jobs whilst still available to answer important calls.

So how can your business benefit from PABX phone system?

Businesses can enjoy the benefits of PABX phone systems in the following ways:

  1. Businesses receiving high call volumes

A PABX phone system is designed to handle high volumes of calls efficiently without the need for additional personnel to answer calls. Callers to your business will not receive the busy signal and every phone call will be answered or transferred to the right recipient.

2. Businesses with multiple offices and/or remote employees

A PABX phone system is able to forward calls to employees in their home offices or when they are in the field. Calls can also be forwarded to the intended recipient’s mobile devices.

3. Businesses with varying call volumes

Businesses that have varying call volumes will want to ensure that every call is attended to. Instead of hiring and training additional temporary staff to manage the short influx in call volumes, consider investing in robust PABX call management software.

4. Cost saving benefits

The cost of PABX solution with an automated attendant is much less than the expense of hiring someone to answer your incoming calls. There is no need to go through the recruiting and screening process, the training process as well as salary and benefits. PABX phone solution operates around the clock to ensure that calls are properly directed.

Do not let an outdated phone system hold your business back. PABX phone systems are tremendously flexible, cost-effective, and come with all features your business need to succeed. Engsoft Valley Solutions is in the business of providing companies with affordable and reliable phone systems that deliver performance that helps them excel in today’s business environment. Contact us today to learn more!

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