Access control system is essential, both for protecting a commercial premises as well as ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. Thanks to major advances in the biometric technology, navigating the security landscape has never been easier. However, it is important to understand that the best access control system is not always the most advanced or expensive one. A prior assessment of your property’s security needs and goals is key to helping property managers identify an access control system that best matches the building’s needs.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing An Access Control System For Your House

Asset tagging software
Asset tagging and management is the process of tracking your business’ assets, including how many they are as well as where they are. Most often, these assets are used internally, though in case of service industries like hospitals and other service businesses, they are often used to provide care for others. The point is, assets are never sold directly to clients.

Five Reasons Asset Tagging is Important for Your Business

VoIP phone solution
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as internet telephony, has become increasingly popular with businesses across Kenya. And the reasons are quite simple: businesses are looking for cheaper ways to communicate with their clients without having to compromise on productivity or efficiency.

Finding the Best Business VoIP Phone Service Provider for Your Company

PBX phone solution
PBX phone solution links all the phones in the organization, across multiple locations, together. With the right PBX solution, you can improve your company’s customer service and manage telephony costs while creating more flexible working practices.

Five Reasons Your Business Needs a PBX Phone System

Human Resources Solution
Payroll Software and Management System in Kenya Innovative accurate and affordable payroll solution A sophisticated and comprehensive software, designed to suit the need of HR and Finance professionals across small, medium and large size organizations. Developed with the latest technology, its powerful and yet so easy to use that it makes payroll proc...

Choosing a Payroll Processing Software

Business phone system
Budget friendly and feature rich business phone systems are ideal for small businesses that need systems to grow with it. PABX call management system comes with all the features your business needs to manage it calls in time without paying through the nose. They can also make your business appear bigger than it actually is and assist your callers through creation of multiple extensions.

PABX Phone Systems: How Can Your Business Benefit from It?

Asset Management Software
An asset management software (AMS) is a dedicated application that manages all the organization’s assets. It becomes the primary source of information about the organization’s assets like their current user, location, how they are being utilized among other details. Basically, an asset management software records and tracks an asset throughout its life cycle- from deployment to operation, maintenance, upgrade, all the way to disposal.

What to Look For In Asset Management Software

biometric time attendance system
Biometric access control system can help improve the security and accountability in your business premise. However, there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind before investing in this security solution. If you are considering implementing a biometric access control system in your premise and are looking for expert advice, feel free to contact us today.

Five Things To Consider When Installing Biometric System In Your System

Surveillance system
A user-friendly systems that facilitate quick and efficient operations to manage canteen cafeteria for large sections of employees or students. The software provides paperless and cashless transactions for an organization integrated with hardware (biometrics). FEATURES Network Intranet based soluti...

The ultimate guide to choosing A Security Camera System

biometric time attendance system
Proof of attendance is quite important in the workplace, which is why a biometric time attendance system can make all the difference when dealing with time management in the workplace. Biometric time and attendance system comes with a PTO tracking software, FMLA tracking, and employee time tracking. If your company is dealing with attendance issues, then consider investing in an intuitive biometric time attendance system from Engsoft Valley Solutions to address those problems.

Why is Bometric Time Attendance System Important for your Business?

Anodized aluminum asset tagging
Asset tracking is an important component for every business regardless of size and industry. Asset tracking systems are multi-faceted, built on a combination of asset tags, bar codes, and asset tracking software that centralizes and manages the data. With anodized aluminum asset tags are constructed using sturdy materials, ensuring that your assets are labeled throughout their lifecycle.

Asset Tags: What You Need to Know When Investing in Asset Tags

Anodized Aluminium barcode labels or barcoded asset tags are used for a variety of needs like asset marking, labeling and final audit. They can also be used for container and pallet tracking.

Anodized Aluminum Barcoded Asset Tags and Labels