Why is Bometric Time Attendance System Important for your Business?

An organization can only operate with a team of employees. However, in order to ensure that your employees are working for the success of the company, it is important that they account for their man-hours. This is where a biometric time attendance system comes in. This time and attendance solution is suited for organizations with large numbers of employees to keep them in check.

So how can your business benefit from a biometric time and attendance system?

1. Eliminating buddy-punching

Buddy-punching is when an employee asks a colleague to punch in when they are absent or late for work so that it adds hours even when they are not working. This is common especially with traditional attendance registers. With this employee time tracking application, employees will not be able to do the buddy-punching because the system only records each person’s unique fingerprint information. This way, employees are unable to cheat their working time anymore.

2. Quick and accurate

One of the major benefits of biometric time and attendance is its ability to identify each employee’s fingerprint efficiently. The Handpunch 1000 and Handpunch 3000 Series are able to check 1000 fingerprint templates in 0.7 seconds, which makes tracking attendance quick and easy. If an employee arrives right on time, it only takes a few seconds to clock in, ensuring that they will not be late. Furthermore, a biometric time and attendance software accurately identifies unique fingerprints that belong to each individual.

3. Increase productivity

When employees work for designed hours, productivity increases too as there is no time wastage. One team member who cheats working hours can cause the entire team to slow down, followed by the whole department, then the entire organization. With a biometric time and attendance system report track staff’s late in, early exits and long breaks to help improve your employee’s productivity. An increased productivity will bring higher profitability to the company in the long run.

4. Enhanced security

When incorporated into the organization’s security system like door locks and CCTV, a biometric time and attendance system can benefit the business in multiple ways. Doors to various offices will only open when registered users scan their fingerprints on the device. Thus, it prevents outsiders from accessing the premise without permission, further reducing instances of theft, burglary or other forms of harm to the employees. Surveillance systems can take picture snapshots of entries and exits for visual evidence.

5. Develop responsible employees

If employee attendance is affecting their work performance, it can be clearly evident in their attendance report as generated by the biometric time and attendance system. Lateness, absence, as well as overtime breaks of every employee in organization can be clearly tracked by the HR department. Reduced productivity may cause them to receive a warning from the team leader or face a pay cut. When they notice that their attendance is causing problems to the job, employees tend to be more responsible in their time management. Ultimately, a robust biometric time attendance system can help employees accomplish more tasks in the workplace.

Proof of attendance is quite important in the workplace, which is why a biometric time attendance system can make all the difference when dealing with time management in the workplace. Biometric time and attendance system comes with a PTO tracking software, FMLA tracking, and employee time tracking. If your company is dealing with attendance issues, then consider investing in an intuitive  biometric time attendance system from Engsoft Valley Solutions to address those problems.

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