Document Management Solutions

The eDocs document management system is an enterprise-class suite of tools for document capture, indexing, storage, search and retrieval. eDocs provides a centralized repository where all documents are accessed and managed, eliminating the inefficiencies of having documents scattered across file cabinets, shared drives and local hard drives. Its rich features are customized with each deployment, allowing it to work in parallel with an organization’s existing workflows, processes and culture.
The main objective of the system is to achieve the following functionalities.
1. Documents capture/scanning and archival.
2. Documents indexing, storage, quick search and retrieval. Managing documents storage locations.
3. Managing documents security and access rights. Converting document formats.
4. Documents printing.
5. Emailing documents.
6. Cloud documents management. Workflows
7. System Security and Audit Trail.
8. Effective method of Data Management such as backups.

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