IHMS Software in Kenya

An  advanced Hospital  Information Management  System  that addresses issues from multi-discipline angles namely patients, pharmacy, services, finance and hospital management.

The  Hospital  information management  software provides  a  solution  to service  workflow,  medical  and financial aspects of your hospital. The software is divided into many integrated modules, each addressing a specific activity of the hospital and thereby facilitating better management of your hospital with excellent customer service.

Hospital  Information Management  System is designed with the latest technology for scalability and flexibility.The system will not only serve well in a pure medical centre set-up but  it will also work fine in a schools,colleges and iuniversity medical facilities.

  • Outpatient/ Inpatient Management.
  • Pharmacy and Stores.
  • Accounting and Revenue Management.
  • Enterprise Planning and Evaluation.
  • Integrated Remote Access.
  • Advanced Reporting and Administration.
  • Medical Records Management.
  • Laboratory Management.
  • Surgical/ Theatre Management.
  • Employee Management.
  • Payroll Processing.
  • Vendor Management.
Reception Receives Patients and sends to doctor: Initializes the queue and gives queue number to patient
Cashier Receives Payments
Pharmacy Dispenses prescribed drugs
Triage Quick Observation  of patients before going to the doctors room
Doctors Room Observation,viewing patient history, recording new patient data, Treatment and med prescription
Laboratory Performing lab tests
Radiology X-ray and associated tests
Optical Viewing optical patients, recording patient history and diagnosis
Nursing Station Records medication given to inpatient and add to inpatient bill
Claims Corporate patient invoices and record of previous invoices and other reports of insurances
Injection/ Treatment Room Nurses get the IV,IM injections to be served to the patient
Back Office New records definition and viewing of reports: cashflow,stock intake, supplier records etc
Smartlink Integration Offers a seamless way to connect to the smartlink system avoiding double work, reducing time of work
Queueing system Offers patients queue numbers reducing congestion and giving the doctor authority to call priority patients
Registry Viewing of MOH records generated eg Number of malaria patients over a period of time Over or Under 5 YRS etc


  • Quickly and easily register patient with all required details
  • Quickly search patients by surname, other names, telephone no, ID no. and other patient details.
  • Manage patient information where editing is needed for change e.g. insurance cover, employer company etc.
  • View all the procedures done in the hospital and their associated pricing
  • Register patient under specific insurance company / employer company /staff account
  • Convert corporate patients to cash and vice versa.
  • Hospital  Information Management  System requests for the invoices to be converted and automatically does the calculations for you.


  • The Doctor can view if the consultation fee has been paid for before proceeding with the treatment for cash patients or invoice the patient for billing from Hospital  Information Management  System.
  • Quickly enter current treatment notes (supported by auto-fill/auto-search features)View the vital signs of the patient as pre-entered by the nurse.
  • Review previous visits notes, prescriptions, investigation and patient history.
  • Prescribe drugs, order investigation and view result once posted by the relevant departments.
  • Prescribed drugs are reflected at the pharmacy where they are collected by patients.
  • Quickly enter diagnosis for each patient.
  • Clinical instruction template to be filled by the doctor while sending lab, X-ray and Ultra- sound request
  • Patient bill is automatically updated whenever an investigation is requested or a prescription is made


  •  Lab technologist can view if requested lab test has been paid for before proceeding with the test for cash paying patients or invoice the patient for billing.
  • View patient insurance cover or Employer Company
  • Manage all lab requests.All lab tests are standardized and preconfigured in the system.
  • Quickly and easily fill lab results and send back to the doctor.
  • Automatically generate lab reports indicating time of request and time test is done.
  • Automatically append the name of technicians collecting and posting the results.
  • View a printable lab report on Hospital  Information Management  System


  • Radiology technologist can view if requested service has been paid for before proceeding with examination for cash paying patients.
  • View patient insurance cover or Employer Company in case of company employees.
  • Manage all radiology requests (Both Internal and external) on Hospital  Information Management  System
  • Quickly and easily fill results and send back to doctor


  • View all available beds
  •  Admit patient to specific bed via the Hospital  Information Management  System
  • Carry out bed and ward transfer
  • Allocate bed and nursing care charges based on the bed occupied
  • Show in-patient status
  • Update patient’s bill as drugs/services are administered
  • Continuation sheet, nursing notes
  • Finalize bills and automatically generate patient’s medical bill report.
  • Discharge patient via the system and automatically generate discharge summary

Cashier / Patient Billing / Point of Sale

  • Allows creation of different  categories for patients,company employees, cash patients, insurance patients, NHIF patients e.t.c.
  • Options for cash and credit transactions.
  • Provides both stage-wise and centralized patient billing.
  • Generate receipts for outpatient,OTC and in-patient advance payments.
  • Generate receipts for debt payments.
  • Automatic update on patient’s bill when a test/examination is requested.
  • Automatic update on patient’s bill when a doctor makes a prescription.
  • Offers various payment modes
  • Generate invoices for insurance and other company clients and also generate receipts for cash paying clients
  • Partial (stage wise) receipting for what has been paid for in Hospital  Information Management  System


  • Raise LPO for stock items and services via Hospital  Information Management  System
  • Automatically update stock with Goods Delivered Note.
  •   Automatically create supplier invoice.
  • Automatic alerts when supplier bills are due.
  • Pay supplier invoices and bills.
  • Automatically generate supplier statements.
  • View supplier payment history.

Pharmacy & Inventory Management

  • Add new and update existing stock items in Hospital  Information Management  System
  • Alerts and reports for drug short expiry dates
  • Alerts and reports for stock levels
  • Adjust stocks when necessary.
  • Generate variance reports
  • Inter-departmental stock orders
  • Over-the-counter sales (if required)
  • Pharmacist can view if drugs have been paid for before issuing them.
  • View  patient  insurance  cover  for  insured  patients  or  Employer  Company  for  company employees.
  • Can print prescription if required
  • Automatic markup on unit cost

 Other  Reports in Hospital  Information Management  System

  • Debtors report
  • Creditors Report
  • Detailed Sales and Profit Report
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Summarized Lipa na M-Pesa Report
  • Income Statement
  • Supplier Statement
  • Drugs Expiry Reminder Report
  • Corporate Client Invoice


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