Face Recognition Solution for Time and Attendance Biometric Access Control

Today’s dynamic business environment requires real-time time attendance and access control solution with anytime, anywhere access. The existing biometric credentials used for authentication faces some challenges in identification due to various biometric changes and extreme weather condition effect on biometrics.

Enter Engosft Valley Solutions Facial Recognition Application – A Powerful Biometric User Identification based on Innovative, Deep Learning Technology. It accepts the user’s mobile as a credential and evolves as per regular user interaction in different conditions. The technology checks liveness of a face with 99.53% accuracy. It is a facial recognition attendance system that ensures contactless authentication and identifies user’s face in less than 1 Sec.

Facial Recognition Access Control System Overview

Engsoft’s facial recognition door entry system provides a sophisticated, scalable access control solution for your business. Proven biometric technology ensures that only authorized personnel can access secure doors, while permissions can be managed through departments and staff groups right down to the individual employee level. Optional Wi-Fi capability allows the AC400 to integrate seamlessly into your existing network without the need to run additional network cables. This door access control system can also be utilized for Time and Attendance monitoring if required.

Product features

The system has the ability perform the following functions:

  • Clocking in and Clocking Out, ATTENDANCE REGISTER
  • Managing and approving MULTIPLE OVERTIME
  • Managing and allocating multiple SHIFTS
  • LEAVE management
  • Passing Data to PAYROLL etc.

What is included

  • Sleek, Modern Access Control Hardware
  • Sophisticated Biometric Door Entry Control
  • Onboard LAN Capability
  • Optional Wi-Fi Module
  • Inbuilt RFID Proximity Capability

How the Facial Recognition Access Control System Works

Biometric Access Control

Authorized employees gain access to secure doors by standing in front of the face recognition camera. Successful requests are confirmed with an audible and visual message, while door entry is quick, efficient, and fully reportable. RFID proximity capability offers a durable alternative if required.

Biometric Capacity and Recording

Initial face registration is extremely quick and simple, taking just ten seconds per staff member through a guided process at the terminal. This facial recognition solution has the capacity for as many as 800 staff.

Entry/Exit and Multiple Door Scenarios

Engsoft facial recognition solution’s terminal will link to most internal or external doors, working as a switch to open the door locking mechanism for authorized users. Multiple terminals can be used in tandem to manage entry and exit on either side of a single door, or to control movement through two or more entry points. All devices are centrally managed through our PC based access control software.

Permissions, Time Zones, and Live Monitoring

Our intuitive access control software makes it easy to monitor and manage employee movement between areas, allowing you to specify access permissions by role, responsibility, or department/group. Access events can be viewed in real time via live monitoring, and your assigned in-house administrator can enroll and manage users with ease.

Door Access Control with Time and Attendance

Engsoft access control systems can also be enabled for time and attendance monitoring by utilizing biometric and proximity credentials in tandem; using one method (ie face recognition) to register attendance and the other (ie designated keycard/fob) to gain access to secure doors. Under this configuration each employee can register up to 16 attendance clocking and unlimited access control events each day. Our PC based time and attendance software enables quick and easy payroll calculation and features late starts and early finish flags, grace and rounding options, holidays, sickness, and overtime calculations.

Any Questions?

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