Anodized Aluminum Barcoded Asset Tags and Labels

Anodized name tag

Anodized Aluminium barcode labels or barcoded asset tags are used for a variety of needs like asset marking, labeling and final audit. They can also be used for container and pallet tracking.

The print quality allows the use  of company logos and descriptive text on an asset tag or barcoded label in one or several/multi-colour, even on a smallest  of  labels, the result is a barcode which is a quality and can be scanned using a barcode reader, Barcode scanner QR reader or a data collector. Adhesive may be applied to the back of the barcode labels and aluminium asset tags. There are two types of anodized aluminium asset tags available. Either barcoded or not, with company logo or not. There is “peel off and stick” application, while the other needs acetone to be applied. The adhesive application ensures the asset tag or the barcode label permanently sticks to the surface. The anodised aluminium surface is durable.

There are also panels which are manufactured in sizes to 1000mm x 490mm x 3mm and mostly used for Electronic Monitoring Instruments.
Printing is done  onto  anodised aluminium sheets, which are  milled  to create space for  control buttons, mounting holes and screens ensuring computer accuracy.

Fixed Asset Tags come in different formulations, anodized Aluminium labels,barcoded labels, acetone activated tags, aluminum adhesive activated tags, aluminium barcodes, Self-stick asset tags or VHB asset tags and anodized aluminium barcoded asset tags.


Anodized tags Kenya

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