Sacco ERP and Financial Manager for saccos in kenya

Sacco ERP and Financial Manager 

The SaccoPro is simple enterprise financial model for management of Savings & Credit Societies financial operations. SaccoPro uses Microsoft Relational database, and combines this with Visual Studio client interface application that uses ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). In its implementation, SaccoPro is a two-tier client/server online transaction processing (OLTP) system. Customized business rules are implemented on the system and client application provides a secure and easy-to-use graphical user interface for maintenance and manipulation of database records.

SaccoPro comes with an integrated and easy to use Accounting module that manages your financial accounting needs.With the advancing technology in electronic messaging systems, SaccoPro is developed to easily integrate with automated email and mobile transaction processing.
The main objective of the system is to achieve the following functionalities.
1. Adequate Members Records keeping. 
2. Quick Access to Members contacts information. 
3. Concepts for Savings/Shares and Loans Management. 
4. Effective and Fast mode of varying Loans Products Management. 
5. Inbuilt tool for performing eligibility test on Loan Applications 
6. Complete Transactions Data Integrity. 
7. Financials Management on basic Accounting. 
8. Simplicity in all System functionalities. 
9. Flexible Members Transactions Reporting. 
10.System Security and Audit Trail. 
11.Effective method of Data Management such as backups.
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