Biometric Clocking Time Attendance Solutions in kenya and East Africa

Biometric Time Attendance Solutions

A comprehensive Time & Attendance system that adapts to any type of organization’s interest.  The System works with hand geometry, RFID and finger print biometric devices.
  • Automatic Attendance Management.
  • Accelerates Payroll processing directly from recording machine.
  • User profile management to ensure a high level of security in system.
  • Easy to manage and schedule shifts.
  • Enables tamper-proof, simple & cost effective data collection.
  • Helps to clarify employee attendance discrepancies.
  • Scalable and open system with option to integrate with Payroll, HR, & ERP.
  • Logging all manual punch record changes.
  • Automatically calculates and summaries worked hours.
  Fingerprint Scanner 
  Card Reader


About the Author
Engsoft Valley Solutions supplies and installs business infrastructure-related solutions such as Time attendance and Access control Biometrics, payroll, HRMS software, telephony, asset tagging, CCTV, and Sacco software.
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