Visitor Management Software Solutions

The secure and professional approach to identify, manage and track visitors in your buildings

Enhance security and  professionalism with better control

Whether you are using a paper guest book for visitor sign-in, have lobby attendants greet and check-in visitors, or an unattended lobby, HID Global’s EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) solutions provide comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, badge printing, tracking, reporting, asset and package management, Web-based pre-registration, and employee/ contractor time and attendance.

EasyLobby solutions improve security by allowing you to:

  • Identify all individuals who visit your building by scanning an ID and identifying the reasons for their visit.
  • Integrate with a wide variety of access control systems to provide access cards to visitors directly from the visitor management station.
  • Create internal watch lists to screen against unwanted visitors.

HID Global’s EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM)  solution is the secure and professional approach to identify, manage and track visitors in your buildings.

Designed to meet your organization’s diverse security needs and policy requirements, this suite of products offers the ideal solution for electronic visitor management, ensuring that your employees and visitors are safe and secure.

By accurately capturing detailed visitor information in seconds, without typing, EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management software allows organizations of any size or in any line of business to robustly manage who is allowed to enter the building, when and for what purposes. Also,  you can provide a high- quality, customizable badge, including a visitor photo, for all guests.

  • Use  external databases to screen against government denied parties and/or sex offenders, and be warned of their attempted entry through programmable security alerts delivered on-screen, or via email or SMS.
  • Enable any or all employees to pre- register their visitors via the Internet or corporate intranet, optionally routing those requests for approval to more tightly control who is authorized to enter your facilitie

Securely check-in visitors in less than 2
0 seconds

With HID Global’s EasyLobby® solutions, it will only take 20 seconds to register a visitor, capture detailed information, print a badge and notify the host employee. The solution’s automated processes make it quick and easy to electronically scan an ID, such as a driver’s license, business card or passport. Not only does EasyLobby greatly enhance the operational efficiency of managing visitors during their initial visit, it also retains their check-in information in the database, simplifying future registrations. By streamlining visitor check-in, EasyLobby enhances your organization’s professionalism by creating a positive environment for your guests, employees and/or residents.

Additional visitor management functionality enables you to:

  • Manage and track packages, assets, parking, conference rooms and employees all from a single application.
  • Ensure confidentiality of visitor information so others cannot view who visited your company.
  • Print high-quality, full color, professional- looking badges, customized by visitor type.
  • Analyze visitor data and run  database queries and reports that help you evaluate that information.
  • Create an emergency evacuation report with a single click  and share a list of all individuals in the building at a given time with fire, police and emergency response personnel.
  • Offer self  registration on a tablet computer with our feature-rich and fully customizable EasyLobby eKiosk™ software or use SVM in self-registration mode with a free-standing kiosk station in unattended lobbies or as an option for guests to register themselves.

Quickly and  easily scale from one to many locations

Using enterprise-class technology, EasyLobby solutions can quickly scale to a network of hundreds of stations, all using a central database. The solution is flexible; easy to install, learn and use; and offers support for multiple languages if desired.



EasyLobby eAdvance Visitor Pre-Registration is a simple, customizable Web-based solution that allows authorized users to pre-register individuals or groups of visitors. The solution streamlines the visitor check-in process for organizations of all sizes by reducing visitor check-in time and potential lobby congestion.

Implement a customized solution with EasyLobby software options

EasyLobby allows you to implement the best system for your  organization’s needs through a wide variety of software options

  • EasyLobby eKiosk™ Web-based software enables you to turn any Apple iPad or tablet computer into a self- registration station for visitors. As part of HID Global’s Secure Visitor Management software portfolio, the EasyLobby eKiosk solution makes it fast and easy for visitors to register themselves upon arrival at a facility using a tablet computer reducing the demands placed on lobby attendants or security guards. Also,  eKiosk is an ideal solution when there are space constraints in a lobby or needed security for after- hours check-in and check-out.
  • Access Control Integration software is designed for granting card access via proximity, barcode or mag-stripe to any visitors, or contractors directly from the SVM interface. EasyLobby SVM is tightly integrated with over 40 leading access control systems.
  • EasyLobby Administrator software is an enterprise-class, central administration solution that provides database administration and real-time monitoring and reporting functions. A single copy of Administrator is provided with each copy of SVM purchased. SVM is scanned, then the Satellite station, or handheld wireless PDA displays the visitor record with an Entry Approved or Entry Denied message, and time stamps their entry and exit.
  • EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) software is the backbone of our system. This software is used for processing visitors via any number of Windows® workstations that share a central SQL Server or Oracle database.
  • EasyLobby eAdvance™ software is a Web-based application, tightly integrated with SVM enabling authorized employees to pre-register visitors before they arrive. Pre-registrations can also be automatically routed to a manager for further approval.
  • EasyLobby Satellite™ software is an ideal solution for controlling and monitoring visitor entry and exit at multiple internal locations, or “check points.” With this software, the barcoded badge printed by
  • EasyLobby Mobile solutions are a family of software products pre-loaded onto handheld wireless devices to make it easier and more efficient to control and manage people, assets and packages in mobile, remote locations such as guard gates.
  • Annual Maintenance/Support option offers added protection and peace of mind with free software updates and upgrades, and unlimited phone and/or email support. Unify  security at remote locations with mobile solutions

Rugged, user-friendly handheld devices simplify check-in at guard gates and loading docks or places where traditional workstations are not practical.

EasyLobby SVM Mobile™ Wireless solutions offer a versatile way to manage visitors and contractors, vehicles, or packages entering your facility through the guard gate or at the loading dock. This family of software products are pre-loaded onto easy-to-use handheld wireless devices, giving your employees greater mobility, streamlining the check-in process and easily integrating with your organization’s main security system.

EasyLobby SVM Mobile™ eliminates the back-and-forth between vehicles, visitors and a security computer terminal at guard gates, loading docks and other remote/ mobile locations. Using the wireless handheld computer that comes preinstalled with SVM Mobile software, the solution performs fast data capture by reading a driver’s license. Within two seconds or less, this information is automatically populated into the visitor log, reducing the need for any typing and further expediting the check-in process. EasyLobby SVM Mobile also includes integrated signature capture capabilities, a full 53 key keypad and a gate control option.

EasyLobby Package Mobileallows you to securely deliver and track packages to recipients within a facility. The Package Mobile software captures a signature for packages delivered, has integrated barcode scanning capabilities and does not require wireless networking throughout the facility. When placed back into its cradle, Package Mobile handheld computer automatically syncs data to and from the database.

EasyLobby Satellite Mobileenables you to manage restricted areas, by allowing you to check and enforce clearances by quickly scanning a visitor badge barcode. When you use the Satellite Mobile handheld wireless computer, the software captures the arrival and departure time to and from these restricted areas. The solution also eliminates the need for a full workstation with power and wired network connectivity and includes an alpha-numeric keypad for easy data entry.


EasyLobby SVM Mobile Wireless solutions provides you with a greater confidence about the security of visitors, incoming packages and vehicles at guard gates, loading docks and other remote locations.

By pre-loading software onto rugged, user-friendly handheld devices, the solution offers improved remote location security using the same visitor management security technology deployed in the main organization. There are functionality options available using a pre-loaded handheld device that allow you to: check in visitors at remote locations; deliver packages directly to employees located throughout the facility; and enforce clearances to restricted areas with a quick barcode scan of a visitor’s badge.

Streamline your visitor check-in process and save time

eKiosk runs on Windows®, Apple® iPad  or Android® tablet computers and allows visitors to use a familiar touch screen interface to quickly register, print out their own badges upon check in and notify your employees or tenants of their arrival.

Web-based application puts pre-registration power in the hands of authorized employees or tenants

EasyLobby eAdvance Visitor Pre- Registration software allows for a simplified sign-in process. Authorized employees can quickly and easily pre-register visitors before they arrive using the online Web-based application via Internet access or corporate intranet. Once the visitor arrives, the receptionist or guard can simply scan the visitor’s license, consult an on-screen list of previously registered individuals or scan the barcode from a printed confirmation email or smartphone. Then, with a single mouse click,  your guest is checked-in and the badge is printed.

eAdvance provides email notifications confirming pre-registration to the host employee or tenant, and to the visitor. The option to send a confirmation SMS text message to your pre-registered visitor is also available. For future visits, eAdvance securely maintains repeat visitor information to simplify check-in.

Pre-registration with eAdvance provides users a quick and efficient way to manage the visitor registration process and greatly reduces the check-in time and potential lobby congestion.

Self-service solution reduces workload at entry points

Using the EasyLobby eKiosk Self Registration software, you can provide an easy, tablet-based, do-it-yourself solution that helps expedite visitor registration at your organization. Easylobby eKiosk also allows you to reduce the work load for your receptionist and/or security personnel, and saves space in lobbies that have little room for a traditional, free-standing kiosk. With EasyLobby eKiosk installed on tablet computers, visitors will be presented with an intuitive, self-service alternative for registering themselves upon arrival.

Greater functionality can be achieved when eKiosk is used in conjunction with the EasyLobby eAdvance Web-registration software. The host employee or tenant simply pre-registers the visitor in eAdvance from their own computer, which then sends the visitor a confirmation email with the visitor’s registration number. Then, when visitors arrive and are handed an eKiosk-enabled tablet, they can simply enter their name or registration number and their visitor record automatically appears on the screen. the device, an email or SMS text can be automatically sent to the employee being visited, so he or she is notified of the visitor’s arrival.You also have the option to provide either a PDF  or HTML file for the visitor to review and acknowledge the accuracy of information entered, or agree to terms. Once the visitor has completed the check-in process on If you are concerned about self-registration of unwanted guests, EasyLobby eKiosk has the ability to screen visitors against pre- registered visitor lists and/or an internal watch list to keep unauthorized people out of the facility. To ensure a safe and secure environment, this system also works well  for after-hours check-in/out.

EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) Hardware Options:

  1. 1. FARGO® DTC1000M Monochrome Card Printer/Encoder
  1. 2. DYMO 450 Turbo black and white Thermal Badge Printer
  1. 3. CardScan 900 Business Card Scanner
  1. 4. SnapShell combination driver’s license and business card scanner (performs OCR on front of license/card and captures the photo and/or card image; broad international support)
  1. 5. ICI DCM/2 Drivers License Reader (reads the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode on back of license and military ID cards, and authenticates the encoded information has not been tampered with; US and Canada only)
  1. 6. CSS 1000 Passport/License/Card Scanner (does OCR on passport, license or card and grabs the photo/image; international support)
  1. 7. AssureTec ID-150 scans/reads both sides of a driver’s license, captures and authenticates the data, and captures the photo
  2. 8. Topaz Signature Capture Pad (for NDA, package receipt, or other signature types; larger size can display an unlimited number of screens of text and signature block)
  3. 9. IDTECH magnetic stripe reader
  1. 10. Handheld barcode scanner with hands- free stand (for quick check-out, multiday check-in and out, and rapid group check-in)
  2. 11. OMNIKEY® readers and a wide range of partner desktop readers (listed on
  3. 12. Digital Web camera with pan/tilt/zoom
  1. 13. M2SYS Biometric Fingerprint reader © 2012 HID Global Corporation/ASSA
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