Ten Ways You Can Implement Biometric Technology In Your Business Today

biometric access control for business

Biometric technology is used to recognize and validate a user as per their biological or behavioral features. Thanks to its secure and convenient nature, the use of biometric technology in the business environment has increased tremendously. For instance, a few years back, people did not think about using their fingerprints to sign in and out of their workplaces. Today, thanks to biometric access control, this is one of the most popular ways of accessing the workplace.

Applications of biometric technology in work environments

The applications of biometric technology are significant in today’s business environment as outlined below.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Every business endeavors to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through provision of personalized products and services. To achieve this, businesses are constantly seeking more and more information about their customers behavior, previous records, and needs. And this is where customer data comes in. Companies are investing in biometric technology to track and identify their customers’ behaviors in order to deliver tailored products and services to them.

Time and attendance tracking and management

Time is money as far as the business world is concerned. Businesses endeavor to make every second of an employee’s work hour count. This is why organizations are investing in biometric clocking systems to eliminate cases of buddy punching and time theft. The result is greater accountability, reduced time and payroll theft, and increased productivity.

Workforce management

Many businesses need to ensure accuracy of workforce data as a means of complying with internal and external policies. A biometric workforce management solution might be the perfect solution for this. By investing in an effective biometric system, the organization can accurately collect and maintain workforce’s demographic data and segregate skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workforce. Additionally, businesses can use biometric technology to facilitate shift management.

Visitor management

The days of using log-in registers and ID cards for visitor management are long gone. Thanks to biometric visitor management solution, you can effortlessly collect visitors’ data and grant them access to a secured area or file. With the right biometric visitor management solution, you can identify your company’s visitors with their biometric data, collect their demographic data and assign them digital badges that can be displayed during their visits.

School management

From identification of learners and school employees to maintaining lunch lines, academic records, record of attendance during examinations, biometric technology can improve efficiency and simplicity of managing a school. A solution equipped with these features can make life easy for school authorities will leaving the parents and guardians stress-free.

Membership management

Being a member of any club, or society like SACCO adds distinctive values. So there is need for an intuitive membership management system to manage the members. The use of biometric technology for the organization’s membership management enhances user experience, boost efficiency, flexibility, and transparency. In return, this eases data management while reducing identity fraud and costly errors. Besides, a biometric membership management system is affordable and scalable, meaning that you can use it for managing a group of any size.

Patient identification in hospitals

Biometric technology can be implemented in medical and healthcare facilities for purposes of accurate patient identification, securing their medical history as well as demographic data. This helps prevent duplication of medical records while assuring the administration of safety of the patients’ medical information. Faster identification with biometric technology can also help save unconscious patients’ lives and improve the doctors with their treatment by using past medical history for decision making.

Secured financial services

Biometric technology enhances the reliability of financial institutions like banks to conduct their businesses in a secured and convenient manner. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to identify an account holder and imposters, which can help the institution prevent identify theft and associated loses. Additionally, a robust biometric technology can help create a comprehensive audit trail, which ensures a high level of accountability. In turn, this improves the organization’s internal operational efficiency. And since biometric technology is quite easy to implement but difficult to breach, its adoption is growing rapidly, and the cases of unsuccessful fraud attempts are on the rise too.

Driver’s identification

It is not unusual for drivers to be involved with criminal activities like using fake or duplicate licenses, stolen vehicles, or rigged number plates. Some drivers also hide their previous criminal records to secure a job using a fake identity. That is why businesses in the transport sector are adopting biometric technology to store, process, and de-duplicate thousands of driver licenses, their track records, shifts, and previous criminal records. It also minimizes the risk of hiring fraudulent drivers while reducing the rate of accidents and criminality by identifying non-professional drivers.

Identification of blood donors

Blood banks collect blood from donors, but there remain high risks of getting the infected blood from proxy professional donors. If a donor is not subjected to thorough screening before collecting blood, instead of saving lives it might cost one. That is why biometric identification technology is now applied in blood banks to register the donor and keep a record of their medical history to avoid unqualified donors.

There is no doubt that biometric technology has multiple applications. Are you looking to streamline your organization’s operations with robust biometric access control? Look no further than Engsoft Valley Solutions. We specialize in installing and managing biometric access control systems for organizations in East and Southern African. Get in touch today so we can discuss your biometric technology needs.

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