Payroll solutions in Kenya

Payroll Software

Designed to suit the need of HR and Finance professionals across small, medium and large size organizations in Kenya

Leave Management
  • Various Leaves Definition e.g. Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Study Leaves, etc.
Payment and Deduction
  • User Defined Payment/ Deductions.
  • Variable, Fixed, Rate Based Payment Deduction.
Payroll management
  • Import/ Export of all kind of payment/ deductions, loans/ savings from/ to Excel.
  • Maintain Cumulative Balances for pension.
  • Option to specify voluntary NSSF, Pension etc.
Loans and Savings
  • User Defined Loans/ Savings.
  • Maintains Individual Loan/ Saving Balances.
  • Automatic Fringe Benefit Tax Calculation.
  • Interest Calculation on Reducing Balance/ Principle Amount.
In-Built EFT Lay Out Designer
  • Design the EFT Formats as per your Bank.
  • In-Built EFT Formats available for various Banks e.g. Standard Chartered, Barclays, BOA, Citi, I&M, Equity, etc.
  • Multiple/ Consolidated EFT files depending on Multiple Banks


About the Author
Engsoft Valley Solutions supplies and installs business infrastructure-related solutions such as Time attendance and Access control Biometrics, payroll, HRMS software, telephony, asset tagging, CCTV, and Sacco software.
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