Payroll Software In Kenya for both Regular and  Casual staff

Payroll Software In Kenya for both Regular and Casual staff

Payroll processing system

Payroll Software In Kenya

Payroll Software And System In Kenya

Innovative accurate and affordable payroll solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.
A sophisticated and comprehensive software, designed to suit the need of HR and Finance professionals across small, medium and large size organizations.
Developed with the latest technology, its powerful and yet so easy to use that it makes payroll processing a simple job that can be performed in-house.
Leave Management
  • Various Leaves Definition e.g. Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Study Leaves, etc.
Payment and Deduction
  • User Defined Payment/ Deductions.
  • Variable, Fixed, Rate Based Payment Deduction.
Payroll management
  • Import/ Export of all kind of payment/ deductions, loans/ savings from/ to Excel.
  • Maintain Cumulative Balances for pension.
  • Option to specify voluntary NSSF, NHIF, Pension,Itax returns etc.
Loans and Savings
  • User Defined Loans/ Savings.
  • Maintains Individual Loan/ Saving Balances.
  • Automatic Fringe Benefit Tax Calculation.
  • Interest Calculation on Reducing Balance/ Principle Amount.
About the Author
Engsoft Valley Solutions supplies and installs business infrastructure-related solutions such as Time attendance and Access control Biometrics, payroll, HRMS software, telephony, asset tagging, CCTV, and Sacco software.
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