Laundry System Items

Laundry System Services in kenya. Product Variety – Excellent Laundry Solutions

  1. Front –Load Washers
    v High spin
    v Super spin
    v Normal Spin
    v Extra Spin
    v G4000 range
  2. Barriers and Side Washers
    v Pocket
    v New Evolution
    v Evolution
    v Pullman
  3. Tumble Dryers
    v Standard
    v Stackers
    v G4000 Range
  4. Ironers
    v Cylinder type 330 mm
    v Cylinder type 480 mm
    v Bed-type
    v Bed-type multi-roll enabled
  5. Ironing lanes
    v Feeders
    v Flat Folders
    v Vacuum Tables
    v Towel Folders
  6. Drying Equipment
    v Finishing Cabinets
    v Drying Cabinets
  7. Hydro extractors
    v Soft mount
    v Rigid Mount
  8. Finishing Equipment
    v Form Finishers
    v Ironing Tables
    v Presses
    v Rotary Finishing Cabinets
    v Shirt Finisher
    v Spotting Unit
    v Steam Boilers
    v Trousers Conditioners


 9. Wash and Dry plus Auxiliaries

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