IP Telephony, VOIP & PABX: Voice Networks Design & Voice Equipment Supply Services

IP Telephony & VOIP/PABX: Voice Networks Design & Voice Equipment Supply Services in Kenya

Our solutions for Voice-Data Integration systems in Kenya Include:
  Unified VoIP & PABX communications in Kenya
  IP telephony services in Kenya
  Data networking Services
  Contact centers services in Kenya
  User-centric mobility Solutions
IP Telephony & VOIP Supply Solutions providers in Kenya
  Video Conferencing Systems
  Tabletop Conference Phones
  Video Management Systems
  Voice and Video Network Infrastructure Systems
About the Author
Engsoft Valley Solutions supplies and installs business infrastructure-related solutions such as Time attendance and Access control Biometrics, payroll, HRMS software, telephony, asset tagging, CCTV, and Sacco software.
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