1. Professional Computer Networking solutions in Kenya

With our networking solutions, we proactively monitor and manage your network to protect your Data & Infrastructure against Malicious hackers, viruses and spyware while ensuring uptime, productivity and efficiency

Our and Network Management is modelled as follows:

  • Firewall Policy Management & Access Control Lists
  • Routing Protocols, Config. Management & Support
  • Site-wide Anti-X (Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware) Management
  • Virtual Private Networks, Encap. & Host Controller Management
  • WAN technologies, ISP & 3rd Party Vendor Management
  • Wireless Networks & Wireless Internet Connectivity Solutions in Kenya
  • We extend our Smart Wi-Fi service by providing seamless broadband internet from various internet service providers of choice to our clients in the Kenyan Market.
  • Our Smart WLAN (Wi-Fi local area networks) systems work for both home-based as well as enterprise customers.

Greater mobility, real-time data access, IP telephony and wireless services offered in Kenya by Engsoft Valley Solutions.

We will deploy a functional wired and wireless network or upgrade your existing one using the latest technologies at our disposal

Engsoft Valley Solutions will also manage and support your IP telephony system to ensure maximum availability, cost-cutting, communication efficiency, security and also to plan for ease of expansion and scalability.

  1. Network Security Solutions in Kenya.

We provide comprehensive Network Intruder Detection & Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IDS), by delivering pervasive Network Security solutions in Kenya for combating unauthorized intrusions and malicious Internet attacks that may pose great threats to the integrity of the network in your corporate organization in Kenya.

This includes a fully managed FireWall, content filtering and automatically updating Anti-virus for desktops and servers.
We can also provide a service where our support team check virus alerts to ensure your machines and network are clean from attack

  1. Networking Solutions – Structured Cabling Services in Kenya
  • Standards-based structured computer networks cabling solutions in Kenya for Integrated Voice, Data, Image and related information technologies.
  • We supply, install & Maintain end-to-end networking solutions in Kenya, based on 100 ohm Cat-5e and Cat-6 UTP, Cat-6A UTP and F/UTP, plus Cat-7A S/FTP, as well as 50/125μm or 62.5/125μm SingleMode and MultiMode fiber optic cabling solutions.
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