HP3000 Biometric HandPunch Time Clock Review

Biometric technology is increasingly gaining popularity as an effective employee data collection tool for industries like finance, manufacturing, healthcare and many more. Biometric HandPunch system eliminates the need for registers, passwords, or badges that can be lost or forgotten since it accurately identifies an employee using their fingerprints. One of the most important benefits of using a biometric system for employee identification is the elimination of buddy punching – where employees sign in or off on behalf of their colleagues. Additionally, a biometric fingerprint system eliminates unsanctioned overtime by forcing restricting schedules when staff can use the terminal. The employee is able to better utilize workforce with the HandPunch’s ability to record an employee’s time and attendance, monitor their productivity, control access to the building, and track the inventory.

HP3000 Biometric HandPunch features

  • No need for cards or badges when clocking in or out
  • Employees punch time by providing their PIN number before placing their fingers on the terminal
  • Positively identifies employees by their unique fingerprints
  • Eliminate buddy punching while lowering payroll costs
  • Unparalleled reliability and accuracy
  • Fast set up and easy to use
  • 100% accurate time tracking
  • Easily scalable

How the HP3000 Biometric HandPunch works

No two hands are the same. This biometric time and attendance system takes over 90 measurements of the hand’s length, width, thickness, as well as the surface area of the hand and the fingers – all in under one second. The hand punch’s technology utilizes 32,000-pixel CCD digital camera to scan and record the hand’s 3-dimentional shape from silhouetted images as projected by the hand punch.

The HandPunch ignores surface details like the lines, scars, and fingernails, which may be trimmed from time to time.

Since this HandPunch uses the user’s unique hand shape to verify their identity, it can be deployed for use in factories, machine shops, manufacturing plant, and pretty much any industrial environment where the fingerprint scanner may not work effectively. When an individual uses the HandPunch, it matches the shape of the user’s hand to the pre-recorded templated that was taken during the enrollment session. If the template and the hand matches, the HandPunch notes this transaction for later download by the time attendance software.

So is the HP3000 Biometric HandPunch worth your money?

Studies have shown that outdated time and attendance systems like manual registers end up costing businesses that use them. Investing in a biometric system will certainly be a worthy investment over time, with its dividends beginning to show immediately. Here are five reasons you should consider investing in the HP3000 Biometric HandPunch system:

  1. It accounting and payroll errors
  2. It removes the risk of employee time theft
  3. It is great for employee mental health
  4. It is more cost effective in the long-run
  5. It can help the organization stay focused on its collective goal

Advances in technology have resulted in innovations that help businesses grow, develop and achieve optimal productivity. Biometric technology is one such technology. Biometric based time management system is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the benefits it has to offer. Since biometrics read the employee’s unique information, they ensure that an employee cannot check in or out on behalf of another, this eliminating cases of employee time theft. Want to learn more about the HP3000 Biometric HandPunch and how it can help your business? Contact us today.

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