Excellent care with best performance
and wash result

Every laundry is different and therefore we are offering an extensive range of Washing machines in kenya to ensure that you can choose the machine that meets your specific needs.

With Electrolux Professional washer extractors you will benefit from;

Durability and trouble-free operation

  • 30 000 cycles professional washer extractors for heavy loads
  • Trouble-free operation, built to last Best  economy and performance as well as environmental friendliness
  • Automatic savings of water and energy at half load (up to 50% water savings)
  • With the wash triangle, perfect balance between economy, wash performance and time, depending on the customer needs
  • Speed Soak drum, with drum perforation designed for fastest soaking and outstanding dewatering as well as best pass through of solid particles
  • Highest savings in drying, due to Power Balance, for best extraction




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