Five Reasons Your Business Needs a PBX Phone System

PBX phone solution

When you are just getting started in the business world, you can comfortably get by with a single telephone line in your office. However, as your business grows and you need to add more phones for your staff or departments, things can get a little complicated. And this complexity is bound to grow with more telephone numbers and lines. Fortunately, you can manage the situation by investing in the PBX (private branch exchange) equipment. This equipment links all the phones in the organization, across multiple locations, together. With the right PBX solution, you can improve your company’s customer service and manage telephony costs while creating more flexible working practices. Here are top benefits of investing in a PBX virtual phone solution.

  • Internal communications

You may not realize that even when you are calling another number within the organization, that call is actually being directed to the local company phone exchange. Thus, if you are calling your assistant, the call will first be routed to the local phone company before coming back to your business to ring the other phone, and this may incur a charge. With PBX solution, the call is routed internally with no need to go outside the building, and thus no additional charge. Better still, PBX can be customized to suit your business needs, thus you do not have to pay high-end system to realize its amazing benefits.

  • Centralized control

A PBX phone solution can be customized to provide a receptionist feature to ensure that all the incoming calls to the organization are accessed through one number. This means that instead of having a long list of individual numbers in advertisements or directories, you can just provide one. Of course, you can do this without a PBX phone solution, but this means that you will only be able to have one person on call at any given time. With a PBX system, incoming calls do not block other calls. Thus, your staff can make calls even when other callers are still connected.

  • Automation

One of the amazing advantages of a PBX phone solution is that you do not need to hire a receptionist to answer calls. Chances are you have called a business and heard the “auto attendant” instructions directing you to dial a specific number for the service you are seeking. Well, that was a PBX solution at work! These menus can be frustrating for the caller, especially when they are quite long. A PBX auto attendant prompts the caller to enter an extension number in order to cut through what might otherwise be a long and time-consuming menu process.

  • Call routing

A PBX call system comes with a lot of features that you do not get on a standard phone. For instance, you might be expecting an important call, but then be called upon to an important meeting in another location. You can configure your phone so that PBX system will forward your calls to another phone if you are not available to pick it within a number of rings. You can utilize this feature to forward your calls to other phones or voice mails. This call forwarding feature means that you can set up a series of backup routing in case the intended recipient, like the sales rep, is away from their desk. The call will then be automatically forwarded to another member of the sales team. This ensures that vital calls do not go unanswered. You can also send calls to a group of recipients, or play specific messages (maybe talk about your products) while your callers wait for their calls to be answered.

  • Cost monitoring

A PBX phone solution allows you to keep logs of incoming as well as outgoing calls. This is an important feature that you do not get with standard phones, until the bill arrives. This reporting feature allows you to monitor which departments are fielding more calls and which extensions are doing the most work on the phone. Usage report can also help you adjust phone allocation in order to gain maximum return on investment for your handsets. You can also see if employees are using office phone to make personal calls that are costing the business money.

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