Fire Detection & Alarm: (Fire Safety)

The early warning of fire is critical to minimizing the risk to your staff and reducing the potential damage suffered by your business. Engsoft can design, develop, install and maintain a range of conventional and addressable fire safety, fire detection, and fire alarm systems. These can be configured to meet your specific requirements for alarm, equipment shutdown or suppression system activation. These detection technologies include:

  • Thermal detection – point type and linear heat detection
  • Smoke detection – photo-optical, ionization and multi-criteria
  • Flame detection – ultraviolet, infrared, dual spectrum and triple infrared
  • VESDA High sensitivity aspirated smoke detection

Engsoft represents some of the leading fire detection manufacturers such as GST, UTC Fire and Security, Xtralis and Apollo.

Fire Suppression System:

Once detected, fire must be quickly contained and suppressed in order to minimize the damage suffered. Engsoft specializes in designing, installing and commissioning a range of fire suppression systems including:

  • Sprinkler / Deluge systems
  • Water mist systems / Foam systems / Hydrant and hose reel systems
  • Gaseous suppression systems (FM200/Aragonite/Novec)
  • Pre-engineered systems (HFC227EA and Novec)

Industrial Fire Protection System

Our expertise is in the design and installation of special fire hazard technology and industrial fire protection systems, in the following areas:

  • Protection of gas turbine generators
  • Chemical storage areas / bulk chemical offload sites
  • Gas compressor stations / Kitchen Systems
  • Flammable liquid operations / Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Data Center fire detection and Suppression systems
  • Telephone switch/electronic data processing areas
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