Evolis Zenius Plastic Card Printer Review

Plastic card printers are ideal for producing membership, ID, loyalty, or VIP cards. But, how do you find the right plastic card printer for your organization’s need? With a huge price range, how do you get what you want? Well, that is what we are here to debug with new Evolis Zenius card printer.

Evolis Zenius plastic card printer Nairobi

The new Evolis Zenius need very little introduction. It has won hearts with its throwback, nearly archaic look, which underpins the profusion of essential features it offers to suit modern card printing needs. Next to the Evolis Primacy, which has a more modern look, Zenius is without doubt the most prominent plastic card printer produced by Evolis in recent times.

Evolis Zenius is the first eco-designed plastic card printer in the market. This eco-design lends itself to a sturdy, super-sleek design that ensures that the printer is easily accommodated on a small desktop, counter, or a restricted space. This compact and sleek state of the art design has earned the Zenius the renowned Energy Star Certification. Additionally, thanks to its small size and lightweight (about 7.3 lb), Zenius is without doubt the lightest plastic card printer ever. It is also a very quiet printer, at 46dB (A) to be exact.

The Evolis Zenius offers state-of-the-art technology in a single-sided card printing. The Expert version of the printer accords the user the option of upgrading using numerous encoders. This feature allows the user to expand and meet any future plastic card printing tasks they might need going forward. Flexibility and upgradability are additional attributes of the Zenius.

Speed and reliability

The Evolis Zenius is one of the fastest plastic card printers in the market today. When used together with the right ID card software, this printer can deliver an output of up to 200 full-color cards per hour. It can provide single cards with complete color images and text in 19 seconds and the monochrome (black) in 5 seconds.

Evolis Zenius also comes standard with a 100-card input and 100-card output hopper. These allow the user to print high volume cards without the need to feed each card into the printer one by one. This is an excellent time saver.

And with a solid three-year printer and printhead warranty, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your Zenius will be taken care of for years to come.

Connectivity and compatibility

The Evolis Zenius comes with both Ethernet and USB connectivity for extra flexibility for users. This usually comes as a costly upgrade with many printers. However, with Zenius, this comes as a standard.

Another great thing about the Evolis Zenius is that you can effect some key upgrades for yourself if you want to. These options include smart/magnetic card encoder and the double-sided printing option.

And if you are using Mac, you will love the fact that Zenius comes with a Mac driver so you can use it with your Mac operating system. Today, there are not many printers that are compatible with Mac, let alone come with standard Mac drivers from the manufacturers. This important feature makes the Zenius a go to plastic card printer for businesses in different industries, from small to global corporations.

Extremely user friend

The new LED touch screen on the Evolis Zenius makes the printer super-easy to know when exactly you need to replace the color ribbon. Its touchscreen displays an easy-to-read and accommodating prompts as well as notifications, especially with respect to printer cleanings and the percentage of the ribbon remaining.

It is also useful when you want to troubleshoot printer functions. The cassette-like ribbons are very fast and simple to load, ensuring the ribbons are properly installed every time.

To sum it all up

The Evolis Zenius – with is super-fast and reliable output, versatility and compatibility, and user-friendly features make it the ideal option for any-sized plastic card printing job. Contact us today for this and other essential office supplies.

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