Cafeteria management System in Kenya

Cafeteria management System

A user-friendly systems that facilitate quick and efficient  operations   to  manage  canteen  /  cafeteria   for  large  sections   of employees   or  students.  The software   provides   paperless   and   cashless transactions for an organization integrated with hardware (biometrics).   
  • Network/Intranet based solutions to handle multiple counters in closed environment
  • Easy swapping system on counter with photograph checking to avoid proxy punching (Biometric, Proximity card,)
  • Easy Coupon printing on employee ID card scanning Maintains employee database with photograph, shift wise and contractor/subcontractor wise to get estimation for food quantity.
  • Advance booking facility for visitors/guests. Contractor/subcontractor wise to get estimation for food quantity. Advance booking facility for visitors/guest
  • Daily menu creation by the caterer and also option can be added of request special items.
  • Advance information on the usage of the canteen facilities by the employees on any particular day or shift can be notified to the caterers.
  • (For event) Special rules & regulation can also be integrated within system. E.g. validity checking, same user is not applicable for same day with same shift time  
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