Biometric Access Control Systems in Kenya

Biometric Access Control Systems in Kenya

biometric access control system

Engsoft Valley Solutions provides an innovative and superior access control solution that enables organizations to protect and control assets, properties, operations and information.

Our biometric access control system comes in variety of options and can be either Network-based or Stand-alone.
– Card and PIN for In & Out
– Fingerprint Reader for In & Out
– Fingerprint Reader for In & Card for Out
– Card for In & Out

Access control is a powerful and flexible functions make it one of the most comprehensive, robust and efficient access control systems available.

  • Multi-site, multi-tasking and multi-user
  • Anti pass-back
  • Provision for PIN code and emergency code
  • Visitor management
  • Card-holder location in real time
  • Control of the events based on the person the door
  • Unlimited passwords and operator profiles
  • Flexibility to two up additional parameters
  • Presence meters
  • Automatic task scheduler
  • System supports all Windows operating systems.
  • Time zone and authentication management
  • Back-up management
  • Administrative management of the personnel database
  • Data export/import utility
  • Audit Trail through Operator Log File
  • Built in Report generation
  • Barriers and Road Blocks
  • Perimeter Security Lights
  • Blast Mitigation
  • Automated Gates
  • Electric Fences
  • Biometric & Proximity Access Control & T/A Systems
  • Automatic Door / Gate Control / Barrier Systems
  • Master Keyed Locking Systems
  • Automatic Alarm Systems
  • Electric / Powered Fence Systems
  • Intercom Systems ( Single / Multi Users )
  • Man Trap Systems
  • Electronic Hotel Locking Systems…/106-access-control-system
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Engsoft Valley Solutions supplies and installs business infrastructure-related solutions such as Time attendance and Access control Biometrics, payroll, HRMS software, telephony, asset tagging, CCTV, and Sacco software.
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