Bio-metrics Supply Sevices in Kenya

Time attendance and access control equipment in Kenya. Biometric solutions from Engsoft Valley Solutions  in Kenya will give you a very easy and secure method of identity verification.

Hand-Punch Bio-metric Hand Geometry Readers

A bio-metric time clock that is truly affordable for small to big size businesses.
Hand punch 3000,200 & 1000

Features & Benefits:

  • Saves money over card-based systems
    • Eliminates Badges
    • Eliminates Buddy Punching
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Provides the most accurate time and attendance solution available

Fingerprint readers

Standalone fingerprint Time and Attendance machine, low price with good performance, designed especially in the purpose of small office and small middle industries segment. It come with inbuilt battery back function. It could store 2000 fingerprint templates and 50,000 transaction records.

Proximity Card Readers and Cards

Proximity readers continuously transmit a low-level fixed radio frequency (RF) signal that provides energy to the card. When the card is held at a certain distance from the reader, the RF signal is absorbed by a small coil inside the card that powers up the card’s microchip which contains a unique identification code. Once powered, the card transmits the code to the reader. The whole process is completed in microseconds.

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