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How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

Security is critical for any business; after all, how can you make profits if you cannot protect your assets? Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, modern video surveillance systems are more intelligent and effective than before. The best surveillance systems now come with automated functions and features, like automatic mobile notifications as well as motion sensors. Some surveillance systems even let you alert law enforcement immediately if need be. Advances in technology have also resulted in more efficient ways of managing recording and storage of incidents for future reference. This gives businesses access to highly powerful surveillance solutions at relatively cost-effective rates.

When it comes to investing in and implementing a new surveillance system, most vendors allow for a significant degree of customization, meaning you can customize the surveillance system to suit your business’ specific security needs. Whether you need an elaborate surveillance system that covers multiple locations or just a handful of cameras to watch your storefront, there is pretty much a solution for you. Not sure how to start? Here is a simple buyer’s guide to help you break down the key parts of a video surveillance system.

Why you need to invest in a surveillance system

Before getting into the details, it is important to look at the many benefits that come with investing in a video surveillance system. Not only can a surveillance system act as a deterrent to intruders and help law enforcement quickly catch would-be criminals, but these systems can also improve employee accountability, help you monitor productivity and also lower insurance premiums. While the upfront cost of investing in a video surveillance system may seem steep, the long-term payoff as well as the peace of mind that comes with this investment is certainly worth the expense.

IP Cameras vs. Analog Cameras 

There are two primary types of surveillance cameras that you can wire into a video surveillance system: Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and the conventional analog cameras. IP cameras are the modern iteration of analog cameras, and while the individual cameras tend to be a bit costly, they come with a number of features that analog cameras do not have.

What to Look for When Choosing a System

Your Cameras 


This is certainly one of the most crucial considerations when selecting a camera. For better image quality, you should invest in a surveillance camera that can shoot at least 720p high definition, which means an IP camera. If you want to be certain that your camera will capture clear, identifiable images, you should not cut corners.

Frame rate: 

This yet another crucial component of the surveillance camera. Video is simply a series of still images knitted together to create a motion picture. The greater the frame rate, the smoother the captured footage.  On the other hand, the lower the frame rate, the less frequently the still will be captured, resulting in choppier footage. It is important that you consider the frame rate of the camera you are purchasing before making the purchase. For reference, “real time” typically measures at 30 frames per second.


There are a number of different types of security cameras in the market. Some of the most common ones are the bullet cameras, which are rectangular and appear as protrusions from walls. Dome cameras are often attached to the ceiling while pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras come with remote control capabilities that adjusts to the field of vision. Depending on your specific security needs, you may want to determine which type of camera to use in outfitting your surveillance system.


Some surveillance cameras are specially designed for indoor use and thus are not able to stand up to the elements quite as well as their outdoor counterparts. If you plan to mount your surveillance system outdoors, be sure to invest in weather resistant cameras. Otherwise, dirt and water may interfere with the quality of your video feeds or, worse yet, damage your cameras.


Most security cameras are able to capture images in what is known as “low-light infrared,” enabling them to capture clear footage even when light is minimal. These cameras are equipped with infrared LED lights, which cover the darkened area in infrared light. Unlike humans, the camera is able to identify this infrared light, thus when those wavelengths reflect back, it appears as if the camera is recording footage in illuminated environment. The more IR LEDs the camera has, the better it is able to capture footage in darkness. Thus, if capturing images at night is a priority, be sure to invest in a surveillance camera with plenty of IR LEDs.


Whether audio recording is an option depends on the model of the particular surveillance camera as well as its manufacturer. Some cameras are capable of picking up audio while others do not. Some even enable two way audio capture, so the person watching the footage on the other end can communicate with the individual in the camera’s field of vision.

Ready to see our best picks for video surveillance systems in Kenya? Get in touch with us today so we can discuss the best surveillance system for your needs.

Biometric Time Attendance Systems and Solutions in Kenya

Biometric Time Attendance Systems and Solutions in Kenya

Biometric Time Attendance Systems and Solutions in Kenya

A comprehensive Biometric Time  and Attendance system in Kenya that adapts to any type of organization’s interest, be it attendance,clocking,shifts,overtime management and leave management.

The System works with hand geometry, Hand punch, RFID  proximity card readers, finger print bio-metric devices as well as face recognition systems.
Biometric time attendance Kenya solutions will give you a very easy and secure method of identity verification. In most computer systems, measures such as PIN, passwords, cards and keys are used for identity verification.

The bad thing about these measures is the fact that people often change, disclose or forget them. An accurate and reliable technique of identification/verification can be designed by use of bio-metric technologies.

Key Features

Configuration Setup

  • Comprehensive employee master.
  • Multiple record grouping levels for accurate analysis.
  • Detailed parameters to customize application for specific environment.
  • Customization processing periods.
  • Holiday setup as per organization policy.
  • Extensive clocking card management.

Main Features

  • Automatic biometric time  attendance management.
  • Accelerates payroll processing directly from recording machine.
  • User profile management to ensure a high level of security in system.
  • Easy to manage and schedule shifts.
  • Enables tamper-proof, simple & cost effective data collection.
  • Helps to clarify employee attendance discrepancies.
  • Scalable and open system with option to integrate with Payroll, HR, & ERP.
  • Automatically calculates and summarizes worked hours, OT hours, bonus hours, lost hours etc
  • Client server architecture.
  • Multi branch management.
  • Multi company management.

Communication Module

  • Fully integrated with multiple devices.
  • Multiple technologies can work on the same software, providing flexibility to the user.
  • Auto extract attendance data from device at scheduled intervals.
  • Synchronize with various hardware across multiple locations.
  • Auto integration of download data into application.

Overtime Management

  • Automated overtime capture and processing.
  • Restriction based on overtime.
  • Employee wise overtime configuration.
  • Role-based access to overtime approvals.
  • Special OT3 and OT4
  • Easy overtime authorization flow

Leave Management

  • Create paid/ un-paid leaves.
  • Monthly leaves accumulation based on yearly quota.
  • Set leaves to carry forward balances, exclude weekly Offs, holidays, etc.
  • Leaves encashment which gets passed to Pay Master payroll automatically.
  • Half day leaves.
  • Easy to use leave application & printing of application form.


Hand punch

Fingerprint Scanner

Card Reader


biometric hand scanner

The Hand Punch uses RSI’s field-proven hand biometric time  attendance technology. the terminal captures a three-dimension image of the hand each time the employee punches. The hand’s size and the shape are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy.No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized.Green and red lights notify the employee of the status of each punch Clients can use the Hand Geometry based biometric time  attendance solution. The system requires the employee to key in the employee number before scanning the hand. Keying in of the employee number before ning scan the hand can be avoided by integrating a proximity card reader.

Redundant & Long life: –
The area where the hand is placed is the reflector. The sensor/camera is concealed above it, thus the Sensor System making it durable. Also maintenance of the machine is less and its life is long.

The Hand punch works on hand geometry. 3D picture of the hand (thickness, length and width) it also 1:1 matches so chances of rejections are very negligible even if the user’s hand is wet, injured or dirty.

Antimicrobial protection:–
Every Hand-Punch has a built-in antimicrobial coating on the surface of the platen. This finish helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi and lasts for the life of the device.

Hand outline :-
Every Hand-Punch comes standard with a blue hand outline printed on the platen. This ensures accurate hand placement for verification, as well as quick, easy enrollment.


biometric finger scanner

Enhances security and eliminate buddy punching with biometric time and attendance recorder. The authentication is automated whereby the employee’s identity is confirmed by examining a unique physiological trait – Fingerprint. It provides a high level of security with a safe and user- Friendly interface for your time and attendance management. It can be used with finger only, finger + card or finger + pin.


  • Composite algorithm system with high speed operating.
  • Embedded LINUX system, easy to integrate into various system.
  • Standalone or network environment
  • Built-in access controller, Support 99 time zones, 5 groups, 10 door-opening combinations
  • Web server application for online solution
  • 24 hours continuous operation available
  • More security, multiplex alarm alert support


BIOPLUS is an IP based  biometric time  attendance fingerprint access control device featuring easy installations and user friendly operations. Integrated with both fingerprint and proximity card, BioPLUS covers a full range of access control applications from a simple standalone door control to complex networked access control systems.


Fast and accurate fingerprint identification

  • Award winning fingerprint algorithm.
  • 1:2000 fingerprint identification in 1 second.

Easy installation and connectivity

  • Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication.
  • Internal relay for direct lock interface.

Easy operation and management

  • Built-in RF card reader for different user authentication modes.
  • Template on card to store fingerprint date on a smart card.
  • Slim design for installation on a door frame.
  • Multi color LED and multi-tone buzzer for intuitive user interface.

Full access control features

  • 128 access groups and 128 time schedules.
  • Anti-pass-backdoor zones supporting 32 readers.
  • Tamper switch and duress finger option.

External relay unit

  • Secure door control and I/O expansion

RFID based system

An easy to use contact-less  biometric time  attendance identification system that needs practically zero maintenance. All an employee does is wave the card to the system to get identified and mark attendance. Due to their contact-less identification, this hardware could be deployed in any kind of environment. It also has built-in TCP/IP, function keys. It is very quick as well and can take high traffic.


  • Watchdog function secures system keeping it free from halting.
  • Slim, stylish design, sensitive touch keypad with blue back light.
  • The memory of the standard model is 15,000 cardholders and 150,000 events.
  • Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value.
  • Provide RS-485 & TCP-IP communication interface to PC.
  • Support simple access control function and function keys of  shifts which are convenient for personnel to generate time attendance reports.
  • LCD displays time, date, weekday and company name.
  • Memory buffer full warning.
  • On-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 1 year.

Other Recoginition

We have integrated Time Master with various other devices available in market like:

  • Face recognition biometric time  attendance
  • Hand held/mobile recognition device biometric time  attendance
  • Retina scan
  • GPS based recognition device


biometric face recognition system

The facial recognize system, FA2, is the most advance product that combines facial and fingerprint recognition algorithms, optical sensors, embedded design technology, and software application, etc.. FA2 is a multi-biometric identification system, with an intelligent appliance.

  • Composite algorithm system with high-speed operations.
  • Embedded LINUX system, easy to integrate into the various system.
  • Standalone or network environment capable.
  • Infrared optical system enables user identification in dark environment.
  • Simple access control system supports real-time “entrance logs transferring”.
  • 4.3” TFT touch screen, elegant design, fashionable and simple interface.
  • 6 user-defined function keys for easy operation.
  • Saves data during power outage

Shift Management

  • Comprehensive Shift Master to cater for all kinds of shifts including combined shifts.
  • Supports multiple breaks in a shift, in/out relaxation timings, grace period.
  • Fully functional and easy to use shift management module allows assigning of shifts to employees with ample flexibility.
  • Multiple shifts can be assigned on different days, weeks or for different months as and when required.
  • Supports auto-shift management, whereby system decides shifts automatically based on the clocking pattern.
  • Shifts can also be changed manually after the data processing and planned periodically.

Special Features

  • Canteen management integration.
  • Job costing and audit trail.
  • Auto emailer of report.
  • Gate pass.
  • Out station official visit tracking.
  • Warning and termination letters.
  • Automatic report scheduler and mailer.
  • Report layout tool (for clients do design the reports).
  • Integration to various ERPs (e.g SAP, SAGE, EBIZ, PEOPLESOFT & Third party payroll,.


With over 100 reports, the Time Master gives users exactly what is required regarding any time and attendance based queries.

Some of the time attendance analysis reports

  • Report layout manager in-built with system.
  • In/out detail report
  • Absenteeism / presents report.
  • Clocking time analysis report.
  • Over time report.
  • Authorized over time report.
  • Late arrival report.
  • Early departure report
  • Total analysis report.
  • Shift wise employee strength report.
  • Manual modifications report.
  • Leaves transactions report.
  • Due leaves report.
  • Leaves summary.
  • And many more….

Attendance Processing

  • Single click processing of the raw attendance data.
  • Allows processing in bulk or individual employees within flexible date range.
  • Option to manually change the timings by authorized users directly from attendance register.
  • Absent tracking with remarks, with permission /without.
HR management System Solution-HRMS-Human resource (HR)software-Kenya

HR management System Solution-HRMS-Human resource (HR)software-Kenya

HR management System Solution-HRMS-Human resource (HR)software-Kenya

Our Web-based Human Resource Management System is a complete workforce management tool that is integrated with multiple features such as payroll management as well as time and attendance system. This intuitive automates the human resource processes and helps the HR department manage the workforce more effectively. The Human Resource Management System in Kenya module maintains human resource information spanning the entire life cycle of the employee from induction through to the termination of employment.

 Employee Information | Online Leave | Appraisal | Recruitment | Training | Travel |Centralized Management | Career Management | Employee Self Service | Project Tracking | Succession Planing | Assets | Medical Claim and Compensation | Audit trail | Disciplinary & Grievance | Contracts

MODULES of Human Resource Management System

  • System Administration Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Payroll processing Management
  • Leave Management
  • Claims Management
  • Training Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Appraisal Management
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Employee Self Service

Human Resource Management System, HRMS  has the following

  • Employee database (Employee bio data)
  • Employee relations
  • Employee terminations
  • Employee promotions / demotions
  • Employee transfers
  • Employee succession planning
  • Employee history
  • Human resources dashboards
  • Recruitment management Travel and medical claims Leave management
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal and management

Web-based Human Resource management  System, HRMS  software features

Employee Life Cycle

The employee life cycle identifies stages in employees’ careers to help guide their management and optimize associated processes.

Leave Management

An automated system to manage Leave and attendance processes. The leave management helps in tracking the employee’s leaves and provides necessary reports to manager as and when required

Time & Attendance

A system for planning, capturing and monitoring employee attendance. Our Time and attendance system captures the in and out timings of the workforce directly from the Biometric or card swipe systems.


Payroll & Reimbursement solution that provides “Self-Service” facility to Employees and offers choice and flexibility in Payroll & Reimbursement Processes Through the payroll module you provide your employees the flexibility to download their pay slips, form 16 any time they want. At the same time additional facilities like flexi-benefit planner and online tax calculator at one end provides an extraordinary experience to the workforce, on the other end removes administrative hassles from your part. Through reimbursement module, employees can raise their non ctc claims and same gets processed online as per pre-defined workflows without any hassles.


This module comprises features which streamline the applicant tracking process effectively. In online recruitment you can receive job applications online, filter these applications by criteria’s defined by you. You can also short list and schedule interviews with email notifications

Grievance Handling

Covers the full cycle of handling and recording of employee grievances in a smooth and user-friendly tool.


Covers all disciplinary actions taken with regards to employees – information about charges, internal inquiries and warnings. This module also enables capturing court case information against employees.

Rewards and Recognition.

Eases the employee rewarding and recognition process by integrating with the related HR modules available in your organization.

Performance Management/Appraisal

Facilitating automated performance appraisal across the organization covering 180 degrees and 360-degree appraisals. Allows the evaluation of different groups of employees and manage other performance related tasks. It also helps track the progress of individual employees or whole groups with the ability to analyze and adjust their performance bell curve. Employees are also encouraged to set goals for defined future periods through this module.

Training and Development

Assists with all training and development functions from needs analysis to training evaluations. This module defines the training areas and subjects, training institutions, resource persons, types of training, examinations, scheduling training programs etc. Training and Development provides features to handle different types of training program applications, track attendance, evaluations and training cost.

HR Dash Board

A tool that can be used to display the indices of success of any given organization and its employees. It acts as a status indicator of selected crucial criteria, specific to an organization depending on the type of industry. Useful ratio analysis brings immense value to the top management in their decision making. This gives human resources managers with both, the data and the framework to communicate critical strategic workforce issues to top management. The module includes a standard set of dashboards and can also be customized to fit a given organization’s unique needs.

Report Writer

Allows the preparation of management reports on a periodic basis as per user requirements. The reports can be generated in alphanumeric as well as graphical form. Apart from obtaining predefined reports from all purchased modules, you can use this module to view custom reports that can be created using crystal reports and store them as part of the system.

Analytical Tools

Ability to slice and dice information available in the database to generate decision specific information and analyze information across multiple dimensions, which will facilitate efficient and effective decision making.

Self Service HR

The Employee Self-Service Portal provides access to a comprehensive centralized repository of vital employee related information available to HR, employees and managers. The Employee Self Service Portal is the base on which all other functional modules can be added in a “plug-and-play” model to create a comprehensive employee self-service-based HR system.

Medical Claim and WC

Tracks Medical Charges and Insurance Claims of Employees while maintaining a log of any pending issues to be sorted out on any ongoing case.


Handles company assets that have been assigned to employees. Easy one click requisitions and tracking of assets.

How to Select Payroll Software for Your Small Business

How to Select Payroll Software for Your Small Business

Are you pulling out your hair over payroll? Doing your own payroll, even for just one employee, has many pitfalls for the small business owner. There’s a lot to know, and keeping up with many federal, state, and local payroll tax regulations is a pain. In addition, you have deadlines to meet, for payments and reports to all these agencies.

It’s no wonder many small businesses turn to payroll services for these tasks. But which payroll service is the best?

Before we look at the process of selecting a payroll service, consider this warning:

Payroll is your business responsibility. Having a payroll service doesn’t relieve you (the business owner) from the responsibility for paying employees, withholding, reporting, and paying federal and state tax agencies. No matter who you hire, your business is ultimately at fault if something isn’t done or isn’t done correctly.

What Are Payroll Services?

There are two kinds of payroll services: online services and (for lack of a better term) personal services. The online services may be apps or online-based. The personal services are a business owned by an individual who may do payroll online or who may be local.

The evaluation process works the same way for both types of payroll services. But this article will focus on online services. Below are some features you should take into consideration.

How Much Does an Online Payroll Service Cost? 

The first thing business owners ask when looking for a payroll service is: “How much does it cost?” While cost is important, other factors are just as important.

Consider the cost of the service now and into the future. If you have a very small business with only one or two employees, you may want to limit your cost by using a scalable service in which the cost is minimal for only a few employees and which increases as you add employees and services.

For most of the payroll services I looked at, the cost is per month, so you can change at any time. Most based the cost on the number of employees. Some offer a PAYE processing option for paying contractors, vendors, or freelancers.

Costs come in two levels for some of the services: a basic service that just calculates and delivers wages, with PAYE service, and a full-service option that also does the depositing and paying of payroll taxes and tax filings, including statutory obligations like NSSF and NHIF.

What Should a Full-Service Payroll Service Include?

A full-service payroll service should include the following:

  1. Setup, training, and dashboard: The system should be easy to set up. You should have a dashboard to guide you through processes and to allow you to check on activities like filings and paycheck deposits. Training should be simple, with good videos to help you work through the various processes. What level of payroll knowledge do they assume you have? Most business owners have little knowledge, so your service should provide detailed basic knowledge of payroll terms, paychecks, and filings.
  2. File and deposit payroll related taxes: This is probably the most important service. Having someone file and pay these taxes is a big responsibility. A full-service system should file all relevant payroll tax and employment tax documents for you. They should make payments on your behalf with the appropriate federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Other Important Questions to Ask

Support and service: This one is really important. Things happen and payrolls must be run at specific times. You need to know that your service is available and helpful.

  • The highest level of service: a phone call. What hours does the help desk have? 
  • The second-highest level: a chat. What are their hours? 
  • The third level: an email. How quickly does your payroll service respond to emails? 

During the trial period or the first 30 days, make sure you make contact several times to evaluate the support provided.

Updates: Payroll tax regulations and tax rates are always changing. As you evaluate systems, ask how they update their software and how they communicate these updates to you. 

Security: How secure is their system? Is it in the cloud (probably)? How often do they back up? 

Get in touch today so we can discuss your business’ payroll processing needs.


Mini Accounting ERP

Mini Accounting ERP 

This provides a fully integrated accounting module that covers Financial Accounting, analytic accounting, third party management, taxes management, budgets, Assets; to be successful in today’s competitive business climate you need more than just managerial vision and excellent staff. You need to manage information for which you need to have superior software system. With real-time information you can analyze your financial profile and enhance predictability. This needs a reporting tool that acts as a digital nervous system of your entire organization giving you summarized information retrieved through the enterprise network
.Features & Module

 Account Management

  •  General Ledger 
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  •  Bank – Cash Manager 

 Inventory Management 

Sales Order Management 

  •  User Defined QuotationFormat 
  •  Multiple Product Price Grid 
  • Sales Invoice Validation for Credit Limit Quantity Check 
  • Direct Conversion of quotation to order to invoice to reduce data entry

  Purchase Order Management

  • Local & Import Purchase 
  •  Quotation Comparison 
  •  LPO generation
  •  Pending GRN tracking 
  • Purchase Returns 

 Other modules

  • Multi Currency 
  • Multi Warehousing 
  • Report Writer
  • System Audit Manager
  • Import Cost Allocations
  • Project Tracking 
  • Cheque Leaf Manager 
  • Bill of Materials 
  • Lot Tracking/Batch Tracking 
  • Serial Number Tracking 
  • Business Intelligence Centre 
  • Annuity Billing
  • Job Costing 
  • Pricing Matrix 
  • Weighing Integration 
  • Alert Manager
PABX ,Telephone Call management Accounting and billing solutions, Voice recording solutions, Voice Equipment Supply Services in Kenya

PABX ,Telephone Call management Accounting and billing solutions, Voice recording solutions, Voice Equipment Supply Services in Kenya

We are a leading supplier and installer of PABX Telephone/Call Billing accounting and Management System compatible with ALL Telecommunications Platforms/PABXs including the latest IP SYSTEMS like CISCO, Avaya and Asterisk among others.

Complete call analysis and voice solution

We have one of the most advanced call billing software and is designed to help you monitor telephone costs while providing complete control over telephone usage with detailed analysis of all calls and telephone bills.

The systems Database in Microsoft Access or MySQL.

Set up include Web based, Stand alone, and LAN/WAN set up .

Connections include TCPIP or Serial interfaces.

  • Standard Call logging systems ideal for small to corporate organizations .
  • Fully Automated Budgetary systems, ideal for medium and large organizations
  • Hospitality/Hotel Telephone Package systems for MICROS/FIDELIO PMS
  • WAN Enterprise Solution for a company with branch network
  • Call centre solutions


(1) Recording conversations on telephone line or extension of office PBX.
(2) Recording conversations of Incoming and Outgoing call when telephone lines are monitored, as well as Intercom calls in case if extensions are monitored.
(3) Hearing live conversations on telephone lines or extensions.
(4) Retrieving conversations based on date and time of conversation.
(5) Recalling recorded conversation, with query-and-select.
(6) Retrieving conversations based on querying conversation database. Following are commonly used queries

Call accounting solution in Kenya
Asset management solution,Aluminium barcoded tags tags by Engsoft Valley solutions

Asset management solution,Aluminium barcoded tags tags by Engsoft Valley solutions

Engsoft Asset tagging,Barcoded Aluminium Asset tags and Fixed Asset Management Software Solutions in Kenya

» Maintain detailed records of assets, tools, parts
and personnel
» Optimize inventory & track movement

wireless asset tagging solution

» Track insurance & service contracts
» Track asset allocation
» Full asset life cycle management
» Extensive depreciation management
» In-depth asset reconciliation
» Exhaustive reports with multiple filters
» Interactive Dashboard for visual analysis
» Synchornized depreciation with accounting
periods for accuracy
» Integrated with Tally accounting & other
financial management software.
» Detailed information about assets
» Store multiple status of an asset
» Attach asset photo and document
» Quick search
» Import / Export asset information
» Insurance management of assets
» Display depreciation information
» Asset disposal / sale handling
» Asset value update
» Allocation of asset to multiple location
» Easy to manage location transfer
» Booking of profit or loss on asset disposal / sale
» Comprehensive Asset Management
» Complete visibility on all assets
» Swift asset reconciliation
» Enterprise wide asset control
» Improve performance through MIS reporting
» Full secured operation
» Multi level filters for data analysis

Biometric Access Control Systems in Kenya

Biometric Access Control Systems in Kenya

biometric access control system

Engsoft Valley Solutions provides an innovative and superior access control solution that enables organizations to protect and control assets, properties, operations and information.

Our biometric access control system comes in variety of options and can be either Network-based or Stand-alone.
– Card and PIN for In & Out
– Fingerprint Reader for In & Out
– Fingerprint Reader for In & Card for Out
– Card for In & Out

Access control is a powerful and flexible functions make it one of the most comprehensive, robust and efficient access control systems available.

  • Multi-site, multi-tasking and multi-user
  • Anti pass-back
  • Provision for PIN code and emergency code
  • Visitor management
  • Card-holder location in real time
  • Control of the events based on the person the door
  • Unlimited passwords and operator profiles
  • Flexibility to two up additional parameters
  • Presence meters
  • Automatic task scheduler
  • System supports all Windows operating systems.
  • Time zone and authentication management
  • Back-up management
  • Administrative management of the personnel database
  • Data export/import utility
  • Audit Trail through Operator Log File
  • Built in Report generation
  • Barriers and Road Blocks
  • Perimeter Security Lights
  • Blast Mitigation
  • Automated Gates
  • Electric Fences
  • Biometric & Proximity Access Control & T/A Systems
  • Automatic Door / Gate Control / Barrier Systems
  • Master Keyed Locking Systems
  • Automatic Alarm Systems
  • Electric / Powered Fence Systems
  • Intercom Systems ( Single / Multi Users )
  • Man Trap Systems
  • Electronic Hotel Locking Systems…/106-access-control-system
Payroll Software In Kenya for both Regular and  Casual staff

Payroll Software In Kenya for both Regular and Casual staff

Payroll processing system

Payroll Software In Kenya

Payroll Software And System In Kenya

Innovative accurate and affordable payroll solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.
A sophisticated and comprehensive software, designed to suit the need of HR and Finance professionals across small, medium and large size organizations.
Developed with the latest technology, its powerful and yet so easy to use that it makes payroll processing a simple job that can be performed in-house.
Leave Management
  • Various Leaves Definition e.g. Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Study Leaves, etc.
Payment and Deduction
  • User Defined Payment/ Deductions.
  • Variable, Fixed, Rate Based Payment Deduction.
Payroll management
  • Import/ Export of all kind of payment/ deductions, loans/ savings from/ to Excel.
  • Maintain Cumulative Balances for pension.
  • Option to specify voluntary NSSF, NHIF, Pension,Itax returns etc.
Loans and Savings
  • User Defined Loans/ Savings.
  • Maintains Individual Loan/ Saving Balances.
  • Automatic Fringe Benefit Tax Calculation.
  • Interest Calculation on Reducing Balance/ Principle Amount.


finger print access scanner


Our access control solution is powerful, flexible and easily scalable making it one of the most comprehensive, robust and efficient access control systems available in the market.

Multi-site, multi-tasking and multi-user
Anti pass-back
Provision for PIN code and emergency code
Visitor management
Card-holder location in real time
Control of the events based on the person the door
Unlimited passwords and operator profiles
Flexibility to two up additional parameters
Presence meters
Automatic task scheduler
System supports all Windows operating systems.
Time zone and authentication management
Back-up management
Administrative management of the personnel database
Data export/import utility
Audit Trail through Operator Log File
Built in Report generator