Asset tagging

We are Fixed Asset Tagging services provider based in Kenya. We provide anodized aluminium asset tags, barcoded and QR coded asset tags, metallic, silver surface, white and shiny silver verified on readability with barcode scanners and readers. We as well provide flexible asset tags for rounded items e.g. Vinyl and Plastic.We are a Nairobi-based fixed aluminium asset tagging and management solution. We provide tamper-proof asset tags, aluminum asset tags, and fixed asset tagging for businesses in Kenya.

We have been providing world-class fixed asset tagging services as well as fixed asset register to our clients in Kenya and throughout East Africa. Our fixed aluminium asset tags allow client organizations and businesses to manage their fixed asset base with ease, saving effort and time while providing accurate and timely information for reporting purposes.

Our asset tagging solutions include Fixed aluminium Asset Tags, Anodized Aluminium labels, Acetone Activated tags, Aluminum Acetone Activated tags, Aluminium barcodes, Fixed Asset management system, Bar Code labels, Asset tags with logo, Identification Labels, Property Tags, Bar Code Tags, Bar code,QR codes and Fixed Asset registry.


With an asset tagging and tracking solution from Engsoft Valley Solutions, organizations are able to track and manage assets. Asset management systems utilize bar code, QR code, serial number or RFID on plastic cards, labels or metal plates for the tagging of assets. These asset tags can be scanned, typically with barcode readers, to be organized and managed with asset tracking software.

Our asset ​management solutions can be scaled to fit applications of all sizes, from asset inventory management of office supplies to asset transfer tracking of industrial equipment. If an out-of-the-box solution is not available for your application or doesn’t quite fit your requirements, Engsoft Valley Solutions will develop a custom an asset tracking solution based on your needs.

Asset Tag & Tracking Applications:

  • Equipment
  • Cables
  • Pallets
  • Parts
  • Products
  • Tools
  • Vehicles
  • Much More


barcode taggingIf an ID printer, barcode printer, or thermal printer is not in your budget, Engsoft Valley Solutions will source asset tags and labels that are pre-printed, serialized, barcoded or embossed.


  • Easy-to-peal bar code labels
  • Foil bar code roll
  • Heat seal
  • Polyester
  • Paint-resistant polyester bar code label
  • Tamper-evident
  • Two-part bar code

Metal Tags

  • Adhesive metal plates
  • Bar code nameplate
  • Ceramic-on-stainless steel nameplate
  • ​Etched and filled stainless steel nameplate
  • Embossed nameplate
  • Laser engraved ceramic-on-stainless steel
  • Printed foil
  • Tabbed nameplate
  • Teflon on metal bar code nameplate


Engsoft Valley Solutions is one of the leading fixed asset tagging companies offering professional class asset tagging and asset verification services for small and medium enterprises in Kenya and around East Africa.

Our fixed asset tagging solutions include the following

  1. Anodized aluminum, barcoded/QR coded asset tags with acetone activated adhesive
  2. Anodized aluminum, barcode/QR coded self-sticking asset tags
  3. Supply barcode and QR code readers in Kenya
  4. Fixed asset tagging services, fixed asset register development, asset marking, asset engraving, fixed asset verification, and reconciliation services
  5. Asset verification and asset audit. Asset register in excel or software.
  6. Offer training on how to tag fixed assets and fixed asset tagging best practices
  7. Asset management software. Asset software configuration and installation
  8. Supply of asset barcode scanners and asset data collectors. USB barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners,3G/4G barcode scanners.


Asset registerIf you are planning in future for fixed asset tagging in Kenya or barcoding assets kindly give us a call to offer you a free asset tagging consultation. Better still use the contact page to get in touch with us.

Some questions about asset tagging

  • What is an asset tag – Asset tags are typically labels that have an adhesive backing
  • Asset tags are labels. Made from metal, polyester or plastic, they can have unique barcodes and can be customized with your company logo or just your company information. … On each tag, a number and/or barcode is printed
  • What is fixed assets management – Fixed assets management is an accounting process that seeks to track fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence
  • Why asset tagging – Keeping track of the assets of the company is an important task that can save companies money and time. … Allows the company to keep track of all assets. Asset management allows the organization to keep track of all their assets.

For the best and cheapest fixed asset tagging services in Kenya we are here to serve you. We provide all services related to fixed asset tagging services in Kenya, asset register, asset reconciliation, asset verification, asset locating.


Asset tagging softwareWhen it comes to barcoded tags, barcode scanners are used during data entry to ensure accuracy as well as during asset verification. There are a range of hand held barcode scanners: USB connected scanners, Bluetooth scanners, and PDAs each suitable for particular purposes. Barcode scanners are mainly used together with asset management software. We provide reliable barcode scanners to clients in Kenya and East African.

Why invest in barcode scanners?

Barcode scanners use machine language hence providing accuracy during asset data capture and when verifying (auditing) assets. Our barcode scanners are verified and we provide both wired/USB and wireless scanners according to our client’s preferences. Contact us for enquiries


Numerous benefits come with investing in an effective asset tracking and tagging solution. Some of these include greater accuracy in record-keeping, increased efficiency, streamlined documentation, time-saving, and more. All you need to do to realize these immense benefits is begin by identifying the asset you want to tag before sourcing our asset tagging solution.

The procedure for tagging your assets using anodized Aluminum

  1. Pill the paper at the back of the tag
  2. Apply acetone on the glue to activate the adhesive on acetone activated aluminum tags
  3. For self-sticking tags, just stick it on the asset
  4. Make sure the surface you are placing the tag on is clean and free from dust
  5. Press the tag on the surface firmly
  6. Collect the information of the asset and move to the next asset



Our fixed asset tagging, fixed asset management software, and anodized aluminum asset tags solutions come with their own report generator utility. Standard features include:

  • Pre-formatted standard reports.
  • Custom report writer tool.
  • Multiple selection & report sorting.
  • Data Capture report (showing full details of asset allocation) for new asset items captured with the bar -code
  • Asset Audit report, comparing asset details on the Our Fixed Asset Management Solution database to the results of the barcode audit and highlighting exceptions such as moved or missing items.
  • Last Audit Date report, listing all assets in terms of when they were last audited and last known location.
  • Barcode printing facility (used to automate data capture process).
  • Multi-output feature for reports generated such as a printer, screen, file, and email.
  • Multi-functional reporting to include all fields and from any module in the system, e.g. As sets, Suppliers, Locations, Personnel, Cost Centre, Purchasing, and Depreciation.

Looking for tailor-made Asset tagging and management solution in Kenya?

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